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Web Media Pty Ltd (ABN : 43094207888 - ACN : 094207888) is a Windows Web hosting, Dedicated Server & Development service based in Sydney, Australia.

Our Mission is to provide an affordable product that is backed by our great service policy. Our customer service & support is what differs us from our competitors. We take pride in every customer that we have, from the small home user to the corporate entity.
Simply visit our testimonial page and see what our clients say about our product & services.

We only utilize the best hardware for our servers, such as HP & Cisco routers & switches, Genuine Intel platform servers & parts, APC switched PDU & UPS. Many competitors today offer web hosting on "whiteboxes", which are normal desktop machines used as servers, this is something Web Media will never do as performance and reliability in using a whitebox is incredibly low. Web Media only uses Genuine Intel servers for the best performance & reliability.

Web Media only utilizes Australian based Datacentres. Our customer target base is Australian customers so the best performance is by using an Australia Based Datacenter & Network. We currently located our servers in two locations in Australia. Our main Datacenter is located in Brisbane - AAPT/Connect Datacenter. A secure & reliable Tier 1 datacenter this is were 95% of our servers are located. Our other located Datacenter is in Sydney - Equinix Datacenter. Located in Mascot this is a Tier 1 datacenter with secure & brand new facility.

Web Media utilizes a true multi-homed network for reliability in its network. Our connectivity is currently AAPT/Connect, Agile Communications & PIPE Networks. By utilizing a true mutli-homed network our servers connectivity will never go down or become congested.

Our team consists of highly trained staff that are qualified in MCSE/MCSA courses & ready to assist in any problem that comes our way.


Web Media Pty Ltd was first started in 1999/2000 with the mission to provide affordable web development solutions for corporate identies & small business's. Web Media was very successful in this stage of the internet era. Dealing with 3rd party hosting companies Web Media discovered that many companies were overpriced & providing a very unreliable service.

In late 2001 Web Media started to provide hosting solutions to its local market & current customers with servers in the current AAPT/Connect Datacenter. We started offering linux hosting to our customers.

Due to the nature of the requirements of our customers, our developers found that ASP/Windows Web Hosting was needed to utilize a Access or MSSQL Database. Finding a Windows Web Hosting solution proved to be hard & definately not affordable.

The decision was made that Web Media would start providing only Windows Web Hosting solutions at an affordable price. Since then nothing much has changed. Web Media still today provide the most reliable & affordable Windows Web Hosting, our products have expanded to Dedicated Servers & Server Management but our policy on service has never changed & the reason why we are still in business.

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