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Web Media Windows Web Hosting Plans powered by Microsoft Windows 2003 allows hosting the Microsoft .Net Framework secure, reliable & Fast. On all our hosting plans, is included which will allow you to take advantage of the powerful framework.

Including the ability to create Virtual Directories from your hosting control panel, you can have the ability to create many Web Application on our plans. If your application needs special trust or permissions our support staff can implement this for you.

All of our feature packed Web Hosting Plans support C#, J# & VB.NET languages for ASP.Net.

Features of our ASP.Net Web Hosting Plans:
Virtual Directories (Can be created from the control panel)
Microsoft CDONTS
Microsoft CDOSYS
Persists ASPEmail
MSSQL Database Hosting/Integration
Microsoft Access Database Hosting/Integration
MySQL Database Hosting/Integration
ASP.Net 2/.Net 2 Framework Coming Soon!


What is ASP.NET

ASP 3.0 is the latest version of ASP, but there will never be an ASP 4.0 version.

ASP.NET is the next generation ASP, but it's not an upgraded version of ASP.

ASP.NET is an entirely new paradigm for server-side ASP scripting.

ASP.NET is a part of the .NET Framework. Microsoft spent three years rewriting ASP.NET from the ground up, and ASP.NET is not fully backward compatible with ASP 3.0.

What is .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is the infrastructure for the Microsoft .NET platform.

The .NET Framework is an environment for building, deploying, and running Web applications and Web Services. The .NET Framework contains a common language runtime and common class libraries - like ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Windows Forms - to provide advanced standard services that can be integrated into a variety of computer systems.

The .NET Framework provides a feature-rich application environment, simplified development and easy integration between a number of different development languages. The .NET Framework is language neutral. Currently it supports C++, C#, Visual Basic, and JScript (Microsoft's version of JavaScript). Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET is a common development environment for the .NET Framework.

ASP Web Hosting with Microsoft SQL Server Database

Combining your ASP Hosting with Microsoft SQL Server will allow your dynamic website to be fast & secure.

ASP Web Hosting with Access Database

Access provides a simple database for a dynamic website or small online store. The ability to have a secure database in a secure folder is possible on all our hosting plans. We have unlimited access databases's on all our plans
Microsoft ASP.NET Hosting

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