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Web Media Windows Hosting packages provide the most affordable Windows hosting including features such ASP Components, Persists ASP Components, Custom ASP Components, ISAPI Rewrite & much more!

Utilizing ASP Components & options with our hosting plans allows developers to quickly & efficiently deploy websites & applications on our hosting platform. Such an example would be our ASP Email Components which are included for free on all our plans. These components allow a developer to quickly write a script to send an email from a website.

Starting from only $25 per month these following components are provided on our hosting services:

Microsoft CDONTS
Microsoft CDOSYS
Microsoft Content Linking Component
Microsoft Browser Capability
Microsoft Content Rotator
Microsoft Ad Rotator
Microsoft Logging Utility Component
XMLDOM Component
XMLHTTP Component
Microsoft ADOX Catalog
Microsoft XMLDOM 3.0 Component
Microsoft XMLDOM 4.0 Component
w3 JMail
Persits - ASPEmail
Persits - ASPUpload
Persits - AspJpeg
ISAPI Rewrite


What are the advantages of ASP Components?

ASP components can save developers alot of time and have an important function to your website such as ISAPIRewrite which can allow you to Rewrite URL's.

What does ISAPI Rewrite Hosting do for me?

ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular expressions. It acts mostly like Apache's mod_Rewrite, but is designed specifically for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). ISAPI_Rewrite is an ISAPI filter written in pure C/C++ so it is extremely fast. ISAPI_Rewrite gives you the freedom to go beyond the standard URL schemes and develop your own scheme. Our Elite Plan includes ISAPI Rewrite but on our other hosting plans ISAPI Rewrite can be purchased as an add-on for only $5 per month.

What you can do with ISAPI_Rewrite:
Optimize your dynamic content like forums or e-stores to be indexed by a popular search engines.
Block hot linking of your data files by other sites.
Develop a custom authorization scheme and manage access to the static files using custom scripts and database.
Proxy content of one site into directory on another site.
Create dynamic host-header based sites using a single physical site.

I require a custom ASP Component Hosting solution.

Our support team can install any custom ASP component for your website once it passes our security check. This is done at a small fee. If you require such a service, simply email requesting a custom ASP Component hosting option.
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