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Web Media can provide the perfect Ecommerce Solution for your website. Utilizing either Access or MSSQL as the backend our Online Store system can be easily customized and deployed very quickly.

Our online store is simply and easy to use. All of our ecommerce solutions come with an administration panel that allows the client to update the products, view orders, upload images and administrate to online store. Therefore once the store is setup and training has been given, the client can run the online store.

Features of our Online Store
Written in ASP/VBScript
Supports MS Access & Microsoft SQL Server
Support 5 Email Scripting Components
Database based cart, from start to finish.
Support for SSL, including most "shared" SSL certificates.
Encryption of Passwords and Credit Card numbers in the database.
Robust user input validations throughout the store to trap possible SQL string hacks.
Critical information (such as the RC4 key) is kept separate from the database
Full order history and detail is available to the customer.
Customer receives confirmation eMails throughout the process of the sale
Password Reminder feature for Customers.
Convenient Order Print function from the customer's account area
Advanced search function
Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders
Manage your orders from an intuitive screen.
Send HTML Newsletters to your customers directly from your store

Why Web Media to develop my Web Site?

We will meet your company's budget
Hosting packages included & Domain registration included
Shared SSL can be used on our hosting Plans
2 Weeks to deliver the online store
Please contact us for a quote: 1300887064 or

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