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Microsoft MSSQL Database Hosting is available on all our Windows Web Hosting Plans, starting from only $25 per month your dynamic MSSQL hosting solution can start today.

As a hosting client, you can purchase the MSSQL database option on all our plans, or purchase the Elite Plan which includes a MSSQL database. Starting from only $20 per 50MB Database with no setup fees, Web Media is the most affordable MSSQL Web Hosting solution in Australia.

Our MSSQL database server is independant of all our servers & runs on a dedicated Genuine Intel Platform. With weekly full backups & daily incremental backups you can be assured that your Microsoft SQL Database is secure and safe.

The reason most developers choose Windows Web Hosting is to combine ASP/ASP.NET with MSSQL Hosting to provide a fast, secure, reliable dynamic online application. A MSSQL Database provides a great database platform to develop ecommerce online stores, online forums, dynamic websites & much more!


Why Microsoft SQL Server Database Hosting

Web-enabled enterprise database
Replication and Administration enhancements
High speeds in application development and transaction processing
Enhances Analysis Services including Data Mining support
Support for file and network encryption
Improved security tools
Cascading Declarative Referential Integrity (DRI
User defined functions and administration tools

Benchmark records for scalability and reliability
Today, SQL Server 2000 can claim to be the fastest database in the world with groundbreaking TPC-C (Transaction Processing Performance Councils) benchmarks ( These benchmarks have demonstrated that "SQL Server 2000 offers the industry's best price-to-price performance ratio on clustered hardware". A SAP endorsement for SQL says, "SAP is convinced that SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 would now meet the needs of every R/3 customer around the world."

Powerful e-commerce tool
Apart from online retailers and web publishers, most businesses today have become web-centric and have set foot in to the domain of e-commerce quite willingly. SQL Server 2000 provides all the tools needed to create powerful e-commerce applications.

XML or eXtensible Markup Language, the language of e-commerce affords the generation and exchange of data between non-compatible technologies. The built-in XML support in SQL Server 2000 simplifies the integration of back-end systems and enables a seamless transfer of data even across firewalls. Easy to use and flexible XML support useful in validating purchase orders, entering information in to a database and exchanging it within heterogeneous systems ensures interconnectivity, interoperability and round-the-clock availability of data.

MSSQL Web Hosting with ASP

Combining your MSSQL Database with ASP allows developers to create online dynamic applications easily & deploy them quicker then ever.

MSSQL Web Hosting with ASP.NET

Using the Microsoft .Net platform with MSSQL allows developers to create a fast & secure online web application. ASP.NET is a fast & very powerful language, using these two technologies, only the sky is the limit.
Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

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