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Web Media Web Hosting provides a complete PHP hosting solution for all our plans. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

The database partner of PHP is the database MySQL. Combining PHP Hosting & MySQL Hosting you can create secure and fast online stores, to the perfect Content Management Solution.

PHP comes with a widespread open source community which developers can utilize open source scripts for rapid development.

Examples of open source PHP applications that can be used on our PHP Web Hosting:
Mambo Server
Invision Board
Photo Post

Starting from only $25 per month, your PHP Web Hosting solution can be created today. Including PHP all our Web Hosting Plans include ASP,ASP.NET & PERL Web Hosting.

With installations of many open source PHP hosting scripts our support team can install many scripts for you. Simply email our support team regarding the package & we can install the php script for you at a small fee.

Our configuration of PHP is all on the same secure standard on all our Servers. If you require a custom configuration, simply ask the request to our support team & then research if there are any security issues with the request.

Below are some settings of PHP running on all our servers:
Safe Mode is disabled.
PHP Mail function enabled
PEAR Libraries installed (Custom Installs provided on request)
File Uploads Enabled
File Upload Limit: 15MB
Mcrypt Installed
Zend Encoder Installed
Ioncube Installed


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