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Web Media Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting solutions are suited perfectly for Game Servers, Web Hosting Companies. Our Reliable Unmanaged Servers are powered by our Genuine Intel Servers & Multi Home Network.

By purchasing an Unmanaged Dedicated Server we are not responsible for the software or upgrades of the software on the server, that is the clients responsibilty. If you are confident enough or have server administration experience an Unmanaged Dedicated Server is the right solution for you. Web Media is responsible for the server, hardware & network.

Starting from only $250 per month an Unmanaged Dedicated Server located in our Australian Datacentre is the solution for your Unmanaged Server needs. Backed by our great service and products our reliable network has a 99.7% SLA.

Features of our Unmanaged Dedicated Servers:
Genuine Intel Servers
True Mutli-Homed Network (AAPT/Connect, Agile Communications, PIPE Networks)
24/7 Monitoring
Starting from only $250 per month
Great 10GB Block bandwith plans

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Plans

Intel SR1325/SR1425/SR1425VP2 Platform
Intel Pentium 4
1024MB ECC RAM (Can be Upgraded)
120GB SATA (Can be Upgraded)
20GB Bandwith Included (Bandwith Purchased in Blocks)
SLA @ 99.7%
4 IP Address
Serial ATA Raid or 3ware SATA RAID
Any Operating System Available
From $250 per month

I need a custom Unmanaged Dedicated Server Solution?

We can build a custom solution for your needs. From Game Server Hosting to Server Cluster Hosting we can provide a Server Solution for you. Simply call us on 1300887064 or email sales@web-media.com.au.

What is the swap time of hardware if/when there is a failure?

We always have spare components such as RAM,Processors, Motherboards & Hardrives spare for a quick swap during a failure. As soon as we are notified of a failure the hardware swap will be done, usually within 30 minutes.

We also have a complete Intel Server sitting in the rack for a complete swap of server components.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Australia

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