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I am extremely excited about being able to refer Web_Media to my friends, work associates and clients about to leap into the world of the web. As this is my second web site for completely different businesses, I have gained a little ground in the ‘what not to do’. My first web site was put together by another company, was well done, but took forever, and I had a continual stream of bills to pay for this and that, resulting in a much higher than anticipated cost for building and then hosting. I changed to another group who were recommended, but found that as they had ‘day’ jobs in other field.

THEN I found Web-Media!!!! Troy and his team have made my life bliss and my business has flourished along with my bank account, because - my hosting costs were reduced – have been organised within Australia with very reliable hosts, any emails I send to Web Media are answered the same day. Silly little things that I ask questions about or request done, are done that day or answered with professional courtesy –making me feel not so silly at all. The traffic I get through my site now and the jobs that I now contract because of the enquiries have quadrupled. I am very happy with the search engine listings, being carefully selected words for my field of business and area we live – My site is soooo easy to find. No longer lost in the maze of the web, I stand out and have the ease of referring people to look at the site, knowing it is clear, easy to follow and has all of any customers questions answered, allowing me to get on with business, rather than siting on the phone all day. THANK YOU WEB_MEDIA – I am one happy camper!

Jennifer Williams
Web Media have given me every thing i need from a web provider. No waiting on the phone lines, as much support and time as needed and genuine friendly customer service... all fantastic and top class !!

Matt Baker
Cheltenham Secondary College found Web Media by chance, but we are staying by design ! We found them with a web search for well priced hosting. We have been very impressed by their prompt, accurate and personal response to our requests for advice and help. Well Done !

Stephen Digby
Web Media have impressed me as a well organized company that put their reputation where their mouth is. Servers are fast, well priced and easy to manage. Thanks Troy and Web Media for your support.

Sorna Devadas
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