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As a small start-up business we made many initial mistakes trying to choose a host and set up our internet site. After much trouble I stumbled across Web-Media and found their prices to be competitive while their "support" has been outstanding.

This latter issue has made all of the difference and has made setting up our site as easy as it should be! I can't recommend them enough and only wish I'd discovered them earlier myself which would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and money.

Jerome Gallagher (Magoozi International/Feet of Fancy)
Having used the services Web-Media since their inception I have found them to be not only cost effective and reliable but with a level of service other companies can not provide.

One quick call to their technical department was all it took to resolve a problem that I had with my website. I highly recommend their services and could only wish my other service providers were as efficient and friendly as the team at Web-Media.

John Draper
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